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James Michael Firm helps architects, design teams, contractors, owners, and developers facilitate LEED®certification as well as Austin Green Building and other environmental ratings, or simply make sustainable and efficient choices for their design projects.

Less is Still More.

We know that cooperation and collaboration among all members of the project team is essential in achieving sustainability goals, whether they are LEED certification, environmentally sound construction practices, or more energy-efficient building. Based in Austin, Texas, Footprint Architecture provides a holistic approach to project development, planning, design, and construction. Principal James Michael, RID, LEED AP has more than 20 years experience as an architect and has integrated LEED coordination seamlessly into the design process. Improving project performance while helping our clients make sound business decisions is our priority.

Please contact us for more information about our services and how we can help you do more with less on your next project.

Below are some ways in which architects can help:

  1. Help explore the possibilities of your (building) project..
  2. Explore the potential of your project site.
  3. Determine if local zoning and other building laws and restrictions may affect your project.
  4. Find the best solution for your wants and needs into a tangible project.
  5. Flexible design options to take into account your future’s need.
  6. Create a visual and tangible representation of your design.
  7. Help prepare construction documents and select a reputable contractor.
  8. During construction, visit the job site to ensure and coordinate adherence to design plans.
  9. Explore possible cost options, to best suit your budget.